The Old Diocesan Issue5 Mar2020 - Page 24

Those who remember Dave Wilson from school might recall
him as a prefect, an 800m runner or a rugby captain – which
in no way forecast the fascinating career ahead of him. A sci-fi
“nerd in a jock’s body”, he’s just helmed his first A-list Hollywood
movie. Brandon de Kock tracked him down to Los Angeles
’ve met and interviewed my
fair share of famous types, but
never a Hollywood film director.
And if you’d told me that when
I finally did, it would be for The Old
Diocesan, I’d have snorted. You see,
when I read about Donovan Marsh
(1987W) directing Hunter Killer in
Issue 3 last year, I thought it was
a Bishops black swan moment.
Hollywood is, after all, 16,000km
from Cape Town. So imagine my
surprise and delight when an old
friend (and magazine editor), Kate,
told me that her brother David
S.F. Wilson (1994O) was making
his directorial debut on the silver
screen with a Sony Pictures movie
adaptation of a Valiant Comics
hero. It’s called Bloodshot, and it
stars none other than Vin Diesel.
It’s just reward for two decades
of staring at computer screens
and becoming a Jedi Master in the
highly specialised field of visual
effects, a journey that began when
he moved to California in 2003
after a solicitous call from Tim
Miller of Blur. Dave describes Blur
as “this little renegade VFX shop
for disaffected lost boys”; it was
his home for 15 years, working on
everything from Star Wars video
game trailers and the South Park
movie to an Oscar-nominated
short called Gopher Broke.

Donovan Marsh Interview

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