The Old Diocesan Issue5 Mar2020 - Page 71

2nd Place: Tristan Turner
1st Place: Matthew Derman
Opposite: Competition judge Justin
Fiske’s art installation Galaxy 91 on
display in the Mitre.
3rd Place:
Matt Davies
1st Place Matthew Derman –
Necessity (oil paint on canvas)
2nd Place Tristan Turner – overall
portfolio in various media
3rd Place Matt Davies – overall
portfolio in various media
Commendation Mikhail Lovric –
To Pass On (stop-motion animation)
Commendation Julian Dower –
overall portfolio (oil paintings)
Commendation Marek Kanigowski
– Cityscape: Cape Town (acrylic
paint on board)
Matt Davies (K) picked up
third place for his meticulously
rendered, introspective drawings
and mixed-media work.
Commendation awards
were made to Mikhail Lovric
(B), for his moving stop-motion
animation film To Pass On – a
critical reflection on the nature
of war; Julian Dower (B), for his
accomplished oil paintings;
and Marek Kanigowski (M) for his
exuberant depiction of Cape Town
city, rendered with considerable
technical sophistication.
It was wonderful to welcome
Justin Fiske back to Bishops.
Justin is an artist who has
achieved much in his chosen
field, and shared a brief, but
important message with the
class of 2019 after the awards.
In particular, he encouraged
the young men not to be afraid
of “failure” but to understand that
it can be a key contributor to an
individual’s personal development
and, ultimately, to success.
Peter Hyslop is Head of Visual Arts
at Bishops, where he’s been teaching
art since 1984.

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