The Old Diocesan Issue5 Mar2020 - Page 84

Last year Nicky Bicket was tasked by the committee
with updating the ODU’s five-year strategy. After
detailed feedback from hundreds of ODs, he reports
back on the new plan, which can now be implemented
strategy, by definition,
is a set of choices an
organisation makes
to offer products/services in
a way that will differentiate
it and give it a competitive
advantage. In formulating one,
two immediate questions arise:
why should the organisation exist
(its purpose), and what does
it hope to achieve or become
(its vision)? In order to succeed,
it must fulfil its purpose in
a more compelling way than
its competitors, by offering
something of value that its
“clients” or “customers” want
and are prepared to pay for.
The ODU was founded 124 years
ago. Its raison d’être – the glue that
held the ODU network together
– was the Rolodex of members’
details on the OD Secretary’s
desk. Wanted to contact a longlost classmate? Ask the ODU.
Wanted to arrange a dinner?
Do it through the ODU. Wanted
to meet old school chums for
a Friday evening “wine tasting”?
The ODU could help there too.
But things have changed –
and quickly. Social media and
a myriad platforms and apps
that not only facilitated but,
in fact, tremendously improved
the business of meeting up and
staying connected became
ubiquitous. The Rolodex was
Bishops for Life
Engagement of the
complete OD membership
Effective two-way
Pride in and support
for Bishops
• Define, build, support
and celebrate branch
• Build out local gatherings
to promote networking,
support and outreach
• Widen and market
mentoring programme
scope, and use it to
provide industry experts
to the school’s industry/
career evenings
• Develop a worldwide
intern programme
• Clarify the purpose of,
market and administer
the fund, which provides
financial support for sons
of ODs unable to afford
Bishops fees, but who
otherwise would be
suitable for the school
• Build and maintain
a full and accurate
database, available
to branches
• More informal gatherings
• Create “self-organised”
interest-based events
and societies
• Arrange functions
appropriate to life stage
• Establish a discrete
Cape Town branch
• Maintain the ODU
for ODs only
• Promote The Mitre
as the home for all ODs
• Encourage ODs to
build their preference
and interest profiles
on the website
• Establish regular,
frequent, informed,
two-way communication
with branch secretaries
• Promote the ODU
website as the default
source of all ODU
and data
• Give visibility to the
workings of the ODU
Committee (including
input into the agenda)
• Develop a programme of
targeted communication
• Establish a disputeresolution mechanism
• Celebrate achievements
and successes widely
and proudly
• Ensure that branches are
aware and involved when
Bishops is “present”
outside of Cape Town
• Maintain awareness
of the Bishops vision,
strategy and key
• Establish a clear and
transparent process for
dealing with threats to
the reputation of both
Bishops and the ODU
• Design and implement
an ODU induction
• Strengthen relationships
with the school, council
and the Bishops Trust
A support framework
for ODs worldwide
To connect the
worldwide community of
ODs to each other and to Bishops
As a worldwide ODU community, we strive to live our values in the spirit of Ubuntu*:
* A quality that includes the essential human virtues of compassion and humanity

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