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Crocus Orange Monarch -
This is the rst orange crocus to be
available and reects the colours of the
Monarch Buttery beautifully. Flowering
in the early spring, it will produce blooms
with lovely citrus orange petals, marked
on the outside with purple-black
feathering and veining, making the
clusters of owers very appealing. Perfect
for creating impact by planting in swathes,
on slopes or banks, in rockeries, beds or
borders for a stunning display in the
garden or simply grown in pots on the
patio. They will naturalise well and will
guarantee a colourful spring garden for
years. You will also nd that your garden
becomes a hive of activity as Crocus
Orange Monarch attracts bees and other
pollinators. They have the ocial seal of
approval, carrying The RHS Plants for
Pollinators mark which is only given to
plants that support pollinating insects in
gardens. £3.99 each of 3 for £10.
Allium Schubertii -
Creates a beautiful spectacle in any
garden. Each stunning bloom has two
levels of deep rose-coloured owers, one
half which remains close to the stem and
the other half will shoot out on longer
stalks, making the head look even more
like an exploding rework than other
alliums. This variety carries the RHS 'Plant
for Pollinators' (mark) logo and will make
Allium Schubertii
your garden a hive of activity with bees
and other pollinators buzzing about.
These bulbs will burst into ower in late
spring to early summer, enjoying full sun
and ready to catch everyone's eye. They
can also be used for oral arrangements
or dried for use as decoration. £3.99 each
of 3 for £10.
Anemone Bordeaux -
With deeply rich coloured blooms, this is
a stunning early season ower. Once
established, this charming garden plant
will bloom annually, with buds emerging
in mid-late spring from a clump of parsleylike leaves. The blooms are on single
stems about 30cm high and are cup
shaped, with rich burgundy petals
surrounding a pu of black stamens. They
thrive in a sheltered spot in the garden
that gets full sun and the soil is baked in
the summer. Try at the front of a bed or
border, or in a pot on the patio for
gorgeous early colour and cut a few to
bring indoors. £3.99 each or 3 for £10.
Erythronium white Beauty -
An unusual and eye-catching ‘Dog’s Tooth
Violet”, the Erythronium White Beauty
has striking curved petals that look as
though they have been peeled back from
the bloom. Flowering in April, they reach
about 20cms on leaess stems with
touches of bronze and yellow at the base
of the petals. These owers love the
shade and grow well in clumps near trees
or walls, or in a container to brighten up
an otherwise dull corner. £3.99 each of 3
for £10.
Crocus Orange Monarch


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