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LOOK £1,000,000
Director of Estate Agency, Matt Hoy, tells Portfolio how and why
the firm makes every property look like it’s worth £1,000,0000.
The Bradley Hall brand has been built
over 30 years and, especially during a
recent period of growth, has become
known as a market leading full-service
property agency. In the past three years
our estate agency operations have
expanded into Alnwick, Morpeth,
Sunderland and Hexham while continuing
to develop a growing presence in both
Durham and Gosforth.
Our reputation has been built upon
quality service and excellent marketing,
and our property expertise is often
associated with luxury mansions or the
higher end of the price scale. Our branch
windows are full of impressive looking
properties. We know that a photo speaks
a thousand words, and the rst and most
important factor when marketing a
property is often the imagery.
We employ only the best professional
photography as standard, so all our
properties are displayed to their full
potential. It may, as a result, look like
everything in our window is worth
£1,000,000, but the fastest moving price
bracket across our oces is between
£150,000 and £550,000.
While our competitors may not send a
professional photographer out to these
properties as part of their standard
package, we think it is the most important
factor in the process of securing the best
price for our client’s homes. In addition,
many properties within this price bracket
are sold within the rst few weeks of
them coming to market – which explains
why you see them a little less frequently
in our windows.
There is an association between high
quality marketing materials and high fees
or additional costs, however, at Bradley
Hall this is not the case. We provide
bespoke packages to meet the specic
It may, as a result, look like
everything in our window is worth
£1,000,000, but the fastest
moving price bracket across
our offices is between
£150,000 and £550,000
needs of each client, while working hard
to ensure every one of our clients, no
matter the price of their property,
receives the best value for money and
ultimately the best price for their home.
As well as using professional
photography, our marketing includes; high
quality lifestyle brochures, online
marketing, bespoke advertising and
editorial opportunities and glossy backlit
window display cards.
Our property experts and specialist
marketing team provide cost eective and
targeted marketing to put your property
in front of the right audience. Whether
your property is suited to a rst-time
buyer, a growing family looking for a new
home or someone searching for a
luxurious mansion, we ensure it is
marketed to the right people. We are
both proactive and reactive, and up to
date with the most eective and creative
print and digital marketing tools to sell
your property quickly – and for the right
Bradley Hall is a truly regional rm,
with a dedicated team of experts and a
quality service which is unrivalled by other
agencies. We boast the highest qualied
team in the region including; 10 RICS
registered valuers to advise and inuence
mortgage valuations and 15 trained and
fully qualied chartered surveyors.
Matt Hoy
Director of
Estate Agency
01670 518 518
Peter Bartley
Group Director
0191 383 9999
Lewis Chambers
Director of Mortgages
and Finance
0191 260 2000
Josie Streets
Senior Surveyor and
Morpeth Oce Manager
01670 518 518
Gabrielle McKenna
Interim Durham Oce
0191 383 9999
Jessica wilce
Interim Oce Manager
01665 605 605


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