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The impact of
art in the workplace
Newcastle-based Parapluie works with businesses, individuals, interior
designers and architects, guiding them through the process of
selecting and buying contemporary art. Director Julia Bell explains why
having art in a workplace can be a boon for businesses.
Showcasing contemporary art within
workspaces can benet companies in
many dierent ways but is too often an
overlooked resource in building corporate
image and identity, not to mention its role
in having a positive impact on sta and
visiting clients.
Often perceived as an indulgence and
expense instead of what it should be, an
investment, businesses are overlooking
the real benets art can bring to a
So, what are the benets of companies
owning art and what does it
Aside from the fact that well-advised
purchases can move from company
expenditure to being a company asset on
the balance sheet, more importantly,
artwork says something about a business,
its values and its investment in sta. There
is strong evidence to suggest that art in
the workplace creates an enhanced
environment which has a positive,
contemplative impact on employees’
wellbeing and productivity. Evidence also
indicates that art contributes to reduced
stress and increased creativity and
Developing an art programme within
an organisation is also a fantastic resource
for bringing sta together. The process of
considering their surroundings in new
ways and oering employees the chance
to debate and chose art empowers sta,
connecting them strongly with their
environment and enhancing morale.
As it is often said, 80% of a business is
your sta, so enabling them to work in
empowered spaces makes for a sound
investment and provides an alternative
platform for really getting to know
colleagues better, away from the pressure
and tensions of work-related matters. It
also sends a positive message to clients
and customers that you value that
investment in them.
Investment in art also demonstrates
that your business values the wider
creative industries and understands the
positive brand association that can bring.
Art can be used as a tool to break the ice
with new clients, a way of softening a
tense environment and also - in particular
with international clients - demonstrates a
company’s wider social and philanthropic
support for culture.
In a competitive marketplace, where
there is a need to distinguish your
business from others, art can play a
powerful role.
Dan Holdsworth Blackout (22), 2010.
Sourced for corporate client.
Find out more about bespoke art programmes or securing artworks for your workplace
at www.parapluieart.com, or email info@parapluieart.com


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