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This province of Indonesia oers not
only a beautiful holiday destination, but
also a holistic, cultural and spiritual
With the largest Hindu population in
the nation, its rich heritage and culture
forms its atmosphere, architecture and
approach to life. Enjoy relaxing in its
range of luxury ve-star spas and hotels
or choose to explore the rainforest,
waterfalls, beaches, museums and more.
The republic of Fiji, based in the South
Pacic, has hundreds of islands to visit.
Famous for its soft coral diving, white
sand beaches and pristine natural
environment, Fiji is a leader in ecotourism. For business travel there is no
better place halfway between North
America and Asia.
Our pick of islands is Tavenui Island,
which is known as the ‘Garden Island’
thanks to its lush jungle, stunning
beaches, untouched waterfalls and
abundant wildlife.
French Polynesia
we couldn’t choose just one island in
French Polynesia to recommend.
It’s commanding, moss-green peaks
surrounded by vivid turquoise lagoons
oer surroundings to simply sit back and
enjoy. French Polynesia is a location to
take it easy and experience warm, laidback island culture. Holiday makers can
also experience whale watching in their
natural habitat from July-October every
Tahiti oers something dierent for an
island get away. With it’s black-sand
beaches and modern buzz, this is the
centre of all the islands, where cultures
meet. Explore its waterfall decorated
mountains, the capital of Pape’ete, or
wander amongst the mystical
archaeological sites.
Another stunning French Polynesian
destination is Bora Bora. The breathtaking view of the island as you arrive by
plane sets the tone for your entire stay.
It’s luxury resorts and relaxing
atmosphere, complimented by the
stunning palette of sea blues and forest
greens, make this destination an ideal
choice for honeymooners. Enjoy the sun
and sand or enjoy Diving, snorkelling,
lagoon tours, hiking and parasailing.
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