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1. How did your career in
property begin?
By accident. My intention was to study
law but unfortunately my A level results
didn’t allow me to go down that route!
After the initial disappointment I took
the view that, having had a very
traditional education, I wanted to nd
something that allowed me to explore
something new that would lead me to a
great job at the end of my degree.
Surveying seemed to oer that variety.
When I graduated the property market
was booming, so jobs for university
leavers were in good supply. There was
also lots happening in property
2. what has been your
proudest professional
Setting up and being part of a team which
created a business dealing exclusively in
new homes across the northern region. I
am proud of my role in helping
developers deliver successful projects
across the north during both prosperous
and more challenging times.
I am also incredibly proud of becoming
the corporate client director at a rm
which is fast becoming a leader in its
eld, and part of a new homes team
which has welcomed around £100m
worth of stock this year alone.
ISSUE 05 : AUTUMN 2018
3. what is your favourite
aspect about your career?
It’s very much a people business and
there are still some great characters
working in property. The variety both in
property type and clients I work with has
meant I have enjoyed great variety in the
business, which consistently allows my
expertise to grow in line with market
4. How has the industry
changed since you started your
It’s great to see more women and
diversity in the profession these days,
although we still make up a minority.
Something which will never change is
needing to have a thick skin – which isn’t
necessarily a bad thing at times!
5. what changes in the
industry do you anticipate over
the next 10 years?
I think we are all keen to see how Brexit
impacts the property market, and
hopefully at least the current uncertainty
surrounding our exit from Europe will be
removed from the decision-making
process for businesses and individuals
next year.
On the residential front, the use of
digital media platforms will only increase,
and the traditional means of marketing
will need to change and adapt to this
content driven environment.
6. where do you see Bradley
Hall in 10 years?
The business has grown at a staggering
rate and I see this continuing going
forward. The ambition of the company
combined with the drive of the people in
the business will further establish the
brand as a truly regional practice
providing great client care.
As demand for new homes continues
so will the growth and presence of the
Bradley Hall new homes team.
7. what advice would you give
to someone starting in the
Find your forte by seeing which eld of
the business suits you best – it might take
a while and you might be surprised. It’s a
great industry to be involved in.


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