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Home technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its impact on time
and energy efficiency, its money saving capabilities and improvement of security
and safety. Many devices provide a more comfortable and time effective way of
living while incorporating the latest technology and stylish devices.
We chose ve home devices which allow
you to keep your garden green, help you
stay healthy, maintain a safe home and
keep you warm in the winter.
1. Philips Hue Starter Kit
Philips remains one of the key technology
brands in the world - and has become a
household name for reliable home
technology. Its smart-lighting starter kit
connects your router to three bulbs,
ensuring you can remotely turn lights on
and o through your smartphone. It also
allows you to schedule the lights,
including lighting eects such as a gentle
increase in brightness to awake to. It also
allows you to switch lights on and o at
home while on holiday.
2. Nokia Body Cardio
Bathroom Scales
The Nokia Body Cardio bathroom scales
are much more than a weighing device.
This at home full body checker can tell
you your body water content and fat
content as well as your weight and heart
rate. It saves the data to your Nokia
health app and sends you encouragement
via email to help you reach your goals.
The app helps to monitor gains and losses
and identify any trends when it comes to
changes in your body.
3. Nest Hello
Video doorbells have certainly grown in
popularity in recent years due to their
impact on home security and the added
piece of mind which they provide. The
Nest Hello alerts you if someone is acting
suspiciously near your home, providing
you the opportunity to alert someone and
avoid any damage or a burglary. When the
doorbell is rung, your phone will ring –
meaning you can speak to the person at
the door from wherever you are, whether
than be at home, at work or on holiday.


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