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Above The Action
what Videography can
do for your business...
Engaging video content can transform a
customers’ perception of your business.
Videos give a real insight into your
organisation, it helps to build trust and
credibility while adding a professional
dimension to your brand to help you
stand out from the crowd.
Video content for websites and social
media platforms such as YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help
increase engagement with your target
audience. More so, search engines such
as Google love video content which will
help boost your business’ website ranking
and reach a wider customer base.
How Drones can
benet your business...
Is it a bird, is it a plane…? No, it’s a drone:
an incredible piece of technology that has
transformed the world of videography and
added a new dimension to video content.
Drone technology is used to explore
previously unseen places. Whether you
require external birds-eye-view footage
achieved through aerial drone
videography and photography, or an
internal 3D virtual tour, Above The
Action’s eet of drones can be used to
take your business to a whole new level.
Using drones to
market your property
Gone are the days of only using static
photos to showcase a property for sale.
Many potential buyers will spend hours
researching their dream home online and
one thing that will help your property
portfolio stand out from the reams of
listings is a 3D virtual tour. Oering a
potential buyer the chance to take look
around the property with a simple click of
a button is a great way to engage interest
and encourage a real-life viewing.
Team this with aerial videography and it
gives buyers the whole picture of the
property that could potentially be their
future home. Aerial footage lmed using
drone technology really helps to showcase
the scope of the grounds in which a
property is located too, and more so the
video content can be shared online
amongst family and friends to help make
that all-important buying decision.


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