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4. tado° Smart Thermostat
If you would like to programme the bell
not to ring at certain times, for instance
during an important conference call which
you are taking while at home or during
your baby’s nap time, you can. Another
handy feature is being able to relay
pre-recorded messages at the touch of a
The tado° Smart Thermostat uses your
phone’s location to control your heating,
ensuring no energy is wasted. Its
automatic management system provides
eortless savings on energy costs,
while also allowing you to
amend any controls via your
smartphone app. This stylish
device uses location-based
control to automatically heat
your home when needed. The
device turns down the heating
when the last person leaves and
begins to heat up the home when the rst
person is close, maintaining a comfortable
temperature while also not wasting
energy. Research has shown that this
device could provide savings of up to 31%
on heating costs.
5. Eve Aqua
It is often dicult to keep up with
gardening and maintain a well-watered
lawn and plants, which is especially
important in the summer months. The
Eve Aqua attaches between the garden
tap and hose and can be set to be turned
on at regular intervals. The device can be
controlled via a smartphone app or via
voice activation through your home hub.
ISSUE 05 : AUTUMN 2018


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