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Grey: C 20.7 M 2.7
Blue: C 38.7 M 0
includes, serving a Section 21, applying
for court possession order and if required
applying again for a court baili eviction.
When going through the second stage,
the paperwork from the beginning of the
tenancy will be required from the initial
proof of service including EPC, Gas Safety
Certicate, How to Rent Booklet, together
with copies of the tenancy agreement,
section 21 notice, copies of the Tenancy
Deposit Protection certicate and any
licences if required.
The new Section 21 rules also protect
tenants from what is known as
‘Retaliatory Eviction’ – where a landlord
tries to evict the tenant because they
have complained about the property. If
there are outstanding or relevant
disrepair complaints or the Local
Authority has served an Improvement
Notice then this may prevent a valid
Section 21 notice being served.
Exceptions to this include if the property
is for sale, is under repossession or if the
tenant caused the disrepair.
Geo Davis
Finance Director
0191 232 8080
Paul Czerepok
Assistant Finance Director
0191 232 8080
ISSUE 05 : AUTUMN 2018
Paul Simpson
Accounts Manager
0191 232 8080
Thomas Lough
Accounts Assistant
0191 232 8080
For further advice
on this topic or
any property
management issues,
please contact
the Property
Management team
at Bradley Hall on
0191 232 8080.


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