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GD: Well, we are certainly more visible
than we had been a few years back. Our
eagerness to take on new challenges and
take advantage of opportunities as they
have arisen have taken us this far. To add
to John’s comments about the team - we
believe we have the quality within our
team to continue this growth and we are
not slow to take advantage when new
prospects come along.
DD: I concur that the team most
denitely underpins the rm’s presence
in the region. Its senior management’s
ability to make important and responsive
decisions quickly and its enthusiasm and
dynamic approach.
6.You each have impressive
careers – what has been your
professional highlight?
3.How do you think this
impacts the local commercial
and residential property
DD: In short, it promotes uncertainty.
We never quite know what is around the
JM: I agree. This uncertainty can, and
has, impacted the market in both
commercial and residential. There is still
such a shortage of new homes though
that developments continue to come
forward and we are involved with many
of these. It is also great to see the
beginning of “on spec” building again in
the commercial property market.
GD: In fairness the North East property
market hasn’t faired badly. Activity across
residential and commercial markets is
continuing. Exciting developments and
investment across the region is
happening and the region is growing its
presence as an attractive place to live and
aeld, with the opening of new oces,
and presence in our core services. We
continue to look for new opportunities
and expect our growth to continue.
DD: Additionally, what is presented in
the current economic climate is the
opportunity to increase market share by
the recruitment of rst-rate people (as
evidenced by Bradley Hall’s recent series
of senior appointments) who maybe
consider greater condence in moving to
an ambitious rm.
5.what do you think makes the
rm stand out from its peers?
JM: Professional services of any kind is
all about the people. What I think
distinguishes the rm is the fact we have
a young, hungry and dynamic team and
real strength across our service lines.
This translates into a strong regional
player who can compete head to head
with the much larger national practices
GD: The Bradley Hall brand has become
well known and its reach continues to
grow across the North East and further
ISSUE 05 : AUTUMN 2018
GD: Personally, I like to hover under the
radar, using my skills to help others
succeed. I’d like to think that my
appointment to the advisory board is
another step on what a fullling and
enjoyable journey.
DD: Very modest, Geo! My
professional highlight would be
establishing myself as one of the ‘go to’
lawyers in the North East for national and
regional housebuilders and residential
developers. I was involved in a number of
signicant developments including
Smiths Dock, Waldridge, Ingleby Barwick
and Newcastle Great Park – amounting to
some 10,000 homes – and the Sage site
purchase in Gosforth.
I would also say a highlight would be
playing a part in the emergence of Ward
Hadaway, and the signicant mergers and
premises move to its current Quayside
oces that helped the business grow
from 2 small rms with 45 sta to its
current size and reputation.
4.what do you predict for the
future of Bradley Hall?
JM: With the combination of a really
strong local team and great and active
clients, I see Bradley Hall as underlining
its position as a regional heavyweight and
being able to push beyond the region for
work in a targeted way.
JM: As Chair, I am going to allow myself
two. My time at what is now Womble
Bond Dickinson and the role I played in
its transformation, and in my role as
Regional Chair of the Prince’s Trust
Development Committee, getting our
new Newcastle Centre from concept to
John Marshal
Advisory Board Chairman
0191 232 8080
David Douglass
Advisory Board Member
0191 232 8080
Geo Davis
Finance Director and future
Advisory Board Member
0191 232 8080


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