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Experts from énergie
fitness share their top tips
on how to stay fit forever.
1. Work out why
3. Remember - you
don’t have to love it
Think about the reasons why you are
exercising – whether that be to lose
weight, improve your health or to reduce
stress. Think about the most important
and valuable reason why you are
investing your time into working out.
The best way to approach staying t
forever is to consider a lifestyle change
rather than a short-term x. The best
investment you can make is in yourself,
your health and wellbeing.
Find something you like. Try dierent
activities, classes or exercises to nd out
what you enjoy. That way, it won’t be as
dicult to drag yourself there. And
remember, don’t beat yourself up if you
aren’t the type of person who just LOVES
exercise, many people don’t - but they do
love the benets, which is enough to get
them to their workout every time.
2. Slow and steady
4. Fit it in
Whatever your goal, it will take time to
achieve it. Don’t cut out everything which
is ‘bad’ for you and commit to an intense
workout regime in order to reach your
goal in a couple of weeks. It simply won’t
work. Pace yourself, make small changes
along the way. We guarantee those small
changes will be easier to maintain, you
won’t give up.
5. Be realistic
Try not to set yourself unrealistic goals.
For example, if at your starting point you
don’t workout, try not to tell yourself that
you will get up for 5am bootcamp before
work every day then hit the gym on an
evening. Start o by doing a few sessions
a week and you won’t get into the habit
of ditching the workouts in aid of some
much-needed rest. You’ll soon have the
bug and be enthusiastic about
maintaining your routine or upping the
intensity or frequency of your workouts.
If you have a demanding career or a busy
family life the best way to exercise is to t
it in to your daily routine. For example,
walking or cycling to work or trying to t
in a walk in your lunchbreak could
become part of your daily routine. It may
seem like a small change however the
results will mount up.


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