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As of June 30, 2018, HABC’s public housing
inventory consisted of 8,234 units, serving
7,051 households and a total of 15,774 residents. In FY18, HABC invested approximately
$38 million towards capital improvements,
such as electrical upgrades, walkway repairs,
roof replacements and utility work at various
public housing sites.
HABC also entered into its second Energy Performance Contract (EPC) to implement over
$10 million of energy conservation and utility
saving measures at the following 10 public
housing sites: Douglass Homes; Poe Homes;
Dukeland; Rosemont; Oswego Mall; McCulloh
Homes; Laurens House; Mount Winans;
Albert Spencer Gardens; and Carey House.
In FY18, the agency filled 93% of its vacant
positions in the field to ensure that requests
for repairs are addressed in a timely manner
and that units are sufficiently maintained and
prepared for occupancy. A variety of new
training courses have been offered, and an
enhanced skills assessment for new hires has
been implemented. With our sites appropriately staffed, HABC has achieved an average response time of 15 days for non-emergency service requests, surpassing our goal
of 20 days.
HABC: A New Mission, New Vision, New Goals
Along with routine maintenance and capital
improvements, HABC has made safety and security enhancements at several of our sites,
including the following:

Received grant to install over $250,000
worth of new closed circuit television
(CCTV) cameras, fiber and lighting to the
Brooklyn Homes development;

Extended our agreement with the
City to maintain 182 CCTV cameras at
Gilmor Homes, Latrobe Homes, McCulloh Homes, Perkins Homes, Cherry
Hill Homes and Pleasant View Gardens
through June 2019; and

Replaced security doors and exit/emergency lighting at Gilmor Homes walk up
To improve the safety of our residents and
employees at all of our sites, HABC implemented an Emergency Alert Notification System. The system is a cloud based platform
that delivers communications to a network of
staff both in the field and at the central offices, which keeps them informed and connected during emergency situations.
In June 2018, HABC submitted an application to HUD for the approval to demolish six
buildings in the Gilmor Homes development.
Due to major capital work that is needed at
the site along with growing safety concerns,
HABC determined that partial demolition was
the best option. HABC began its outreach
efforts to residents and other interested
parties regarding this decision in late 2017.
Prior to demolition, a relocation specialist will
be available to each household for one-onone relocation counseling and assistance with
securing new housing. Plans for repurposing
the land will include input from residents and
the greater community.
In late 2016, HUD promulgated a new rule
requiring all public housing authorities to implement a smoke-free policy by July 30, 2018.
The policy prohibits smoking on all HABCowned property including, but not limited
to, residential units, common areas, management and administrative offices, maintenance offices, playgrounds and basketball
courts and storage areas. The intent behind
the policy is to improve indoor air quality,
lower maintenance costs, reduce the risk of
catastrophic fires and to benefit the health
of our public housing residents and staff.
For over a year prior to the implementation
deadline, HABC staff worked with our Resident Advisory Board to draft the policy and
conduct outreach to spread awareness about
the new rule. HABC held a series of meetings
with residents to explain and answer questions about the requirements and to provide
resources for smoking cessation programs.
In addition to its conventional public housing
sites, HABC owns various scattered site public
housing throughout the city. A physical needs
assessment for each of these sites was completed in January 2018, which will be used to
identify properties that HABC will keep in its
inventory and those that will be considered
for potential demolition or disposition. We
expect to have this viability assessment completed in late 2018, and the results will be incorporated into our Strategic Plan.
Public Housing Program Stats as of June 30, 2018
Number of Units Available for Occupancy
Number of Occupied Units
Public Housing Occupancy Rate
Rent Collection
Number of Long Term Vacant Units Back Online
Number of Work Order Requests Received
Number of Work Orders Completed
Percentage of Work Orders Completed
Average Response Time for
Non-Emergency Service Requests
15 days
Average Response Time for
Emergency Service Requests
1 day
Featured: HABC’s renovated McCulloh Homes, in West Baltimore


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