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Through the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA), the
General Counsel serves as the chief legal advisor to HABC to ensure that the agency is
in compliance with all applicable local, state
and federal regulations. The areas that OLA
oversees include lease enforcement, transactions and employment. In 2018, HABC began
negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Baltimore City Police
Department (BPD) to obtain access to police
records, which will provide OLA with information about criminal activity that occurs in our
public housing developments and/or involving our public housing residents. The MOU
provides for a paralegal in OLA to be assigned
to BPD for certain hours each week to access
the police records pertaining to HABC properties. We expect that this arrangement will
be fully implemented soon. In addition, OLA
conducted lease enforcement training for
HABC’s public housing asset managers and
staff to provide them with a better understanding of the lease provisions and the tools
they need to work with residents to ensure
that these provisions are being followed. OLA
also established a document retention policy
for the entire agency that outlines procedures
and timelines for each division to maintain
relevant documents.
Social Media
HABC retooled its social
media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
and expanded all social
and digital promotions,
while introducing new
campaigns and features.
Connect Home
HABC will collaborate
with Comcast to provide
valuable and affordable
online access for residents.
Newsletters &
Email Platform
The Office of Communications increased agency
communication and updates to staff and stakeholders by redesigning
its digital format, which
included Emails, EBlasts
and Electronic Newsletters.
Microsoft Office 365
The Office of Information Technology updated HABC’s computer
systems to Office 365,
increasing efficiency
and providing staff with
new software to expand
messaging, document
production and cloudbased archival.
Emergency Alert System
Notification system for
office and property staff
alerting them of specific
agency emergencies via
cell phone.
HABC introduced an
Agency-wide assignment
and accountability software to streamline operation.
ADP Employee System
To better serve the
staff and employees
of HABC, the Office of
Human Resources collaborated with ADP, an
online payroll, tax, time/
attendance and human
resources management
software system.
HABC will develop a
payment and money
processing portal using
kiosks to assist with rent
and other resident related payments.
HABC’s Asset
Management Software
HABC will develop new
tracking and accountabilty software to track,
record and manage key
HABC operational data,
stats and more to help
streamline agency functions.
Digital Signage
& Monitors
To keep our residents
informed and updated
at all times, HABC will
develop a Digital Video Promotion System
and a Branded channel
(HABCtv) that will broadcast to each property.
New HABC Website
HABC took down the old
web model and will redesign it from the ground
up. It will be replaced
with a new streamlined
mobile-friendly website.
Mobile Work
Order System
HABC will develop a mobile work order system
for all HABC public housing sites. This will allow
our maintenance teams
to manage steps of the
work order process from
a mobile device.
Paperless Adaptation
HABC will convert to paperless operation. Agency staff will train and
practice digital archival
and portable document
file techniques. Forms
and other materials will
undergo conversion to a
digital format.


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