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The accomplishments described in this report
are key examples of the significant progress
that HABC has made in the last year, but we
know that our work is not done. We are committed to keeping up the momentum, building upon our current efforts and establishing
new goals. The activities below are some of
the priority initiatives that HABC will undertake in the upcoming year.
to include in the next RAD phase are: Carey
House; The Dukeland; Laurens House; McCulloh Homes; Perkins Homes; Poe Homes;
Oswego Mall; The Rosemont; and Shipley
vacant public housing units and make them
available for eligible homeless households.
Support services will be provided, and we
hope to secure additional resources to rehabilitate up to 50 units for this program.
Strategic Plan
HABC will finalize, publish and begin implementing our five year Strategic Plan, which
will serve as the agency’s blueprint for asset
positioning, organizational structure, program management and other initiatives.
Perkins Somerset Oldtown (PSO)
HABC will begin implementing Phase I of the
PSO plan. The first building, Somerset Phase
I (104 total units), is expected to close and
start construction in late 2018 or early 2019.
Urban Strategies will be providing case management services, and HABC will carry out a
comprehensive relocation effort for all affected residents.
Online Recertifications
HABC will implement a process that will allow HCVP participants and public housing
residents to electronically verify household
income, household composition and other
program eligibility data that is regularly required for review. The online recertification
process will be more convenient and efficient
for HABC staff, residents and program participants.
RAD Closings and Completions
In the coming months, HABC anticipates that
construction will be completed at Govans
Manor, McCulloh Extension, Broadway Overlook and Hillside (652 total units). In addition
financing is expected to close for Monument
East, J Van Story Branch Apartments, Somerset Extension, Heritage Crossing and Broadway 58 (711 total units).
Partial Demolition of Gilmor Homes
Subject to HUD approval, HABC expects to
begin the demolition of the six walk-up buildings discussed previously in this report in
the spring of 2019. HABC will work with all
households residing in the walk-ups at the
time the demolition application is approved
to ensure that they are relocated according to
their individual needs and preferences.
HABC will submit applications to HUD for further RAD conversions of several of its public
housing sites. The nine sites that HABC plans
Housing Plus Initiative
In collaboration with Baltimore City and the
Mayor’s Office of Human Services, HABC
will launch a pilot program to rehabilitate 14
Centrally Administered Location Based
Waiting List
HABC will undertake a robust outreach effort
to contact applicants on our public housing
waiting list, which we will then update with
current information. After that, we will implement a centrally administered location
based waiting list, which will allow applicants
to choose their preference of up to three public housing sites or opt for the first available
unit based on the date and time of their application submission.
HABC: A New Mission, New Vision, New Goals
Mobile Work Order System
HABC will introduce a mobile work order
system to all of our public housing sites. This
will allow our maintenance teams to manage
every step of the work order process from a
mobile device. With these devices, maintenance workers will be able to receive service
requests and take photos of work performed,
and residents will be able to sign off electronically on completed work orders. The system
will improve customer service while saving
time and paper.
Quality Control
HABC is committed to improving our service
delivery. To ensure we are fulfilling our obligations to our residents and meeting HUD
requirements, HABC will enhance its Quality Control division to provide more oversight on work that is being performed in the
field. Daily productivity reports will allow for
performance monitoring at all of our public
housing sites and will provide statistics on
leasing, move-outs, unit turn-around, utilities
and work order status.
Streamlining Processes
In addition to the efficiencies discussed previously under Fiscal Operations, all departments will streamline processes to realize significant cost savings over the next five years.
HABC’s IT department will continue to collaborate with all divisions to implement new
systems and upgrades that will provide our
staff with the most up to date tools to meet
their technology needs. HABC will continue
our efforts to reduce paper use throughout
the agency and will introduce new document
storage software, which will significantly decrease the space and staff time that it takes
to maintain paper filing systems.
Updated Protocols
HABC has been working to revise and create
internal policies and procedures that are currently lacking or outdated. We will create an
HABC Employee Handbook and implement
updates to many of our policies, including
those related to professional development
and training requests, electronic communications, health and safety, use of HABC-owned
vehicles and other equipment, employee
leave and many more.
Management Training
At HABC, we believe that our managers set
the example for our approach to carrying
out the agency’s mission, vision and goals.
To ensure that our staff has the guidance and
tools they need for their professional development, our Human Resources department
has developed a training curriculum designed
specifically for HABC staff in management positions. Over a series of courses, managers
will learn how to effectively motivate and inspire their staff, give and receive constructive
feedback and improve accountability.
New Website
To further improve communication and increase transparency, HABC will soon be
launching a brand new website. The new site
is being designed so that it is more informative, more engaging and easier to navigate
from any device. It will be updated regularly
to ensure that it contains the most recent information. In addition to the new site, HABC
will be working on enhancing its communication strategies, both internally and externally.
We want to ensure that clear and consistent
information is being disseminated and that
the agency at all levels remains committed to
the Four Cs of HABC – Community, Customer
Service, Collaboration and Communication.


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