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As Mayor, I am committed to moving
Baltimore forward by pursuing the
priorities that promise an enhanced
quality of life for all of our citizens.
When I took office in December
2016, one of my first charges was to
separate the Housing Authority of
Baltimore City (HABC) and the Baltimore City Department of Housing
& Community Development (DHCD)
from the umbrella organization formerly known as Baltimore Housing.
The first step to implementing this
change was to hire a new Executive
Director for HABC. In July 2017, our
search was over. HABC’s Board of
Commissioners and I had found the
right person for the job - Janet Abrahams.
Under Executive Director Abrahams’
leadership, HABC has flourished as a
stand-alone powerhouse complete
with its new mission, vision, goals
and brand. Over the past year, the
agency has tirelessly implemented
new programs and initiatives to fulfill its goals. Several months ago, I
stood alongside Executive Director
Abrahams to announce the award of
a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods
grant from the U.S. Department of
Housing and Urban Development
(HUD) to transform the Perkins Somerset Oldtown community. When
the project is complete, we will have
new housing, new schools and parks,
new community centers, new shops
and grocery stores, new streets and
a host of new services to uplift residents - both former and new. I am
proud to be a partner in this major
endeavor to revitalize the area.
This is just one of many examples
of HABC’s success. With Executive
Director Abrahams’ commitment to
maintaining, creating and preserving
affordable housing opportunities and
building communities of choice, I am
confident that Baltimore will reach
its full potential. Thank you Executive
Director Abrahams and HABC for all
you do to make a positive difference
in our communities and more importantly in the lives of Baltimore’s
low-income and vulnerable residents.
For 50 years, members of the HABC Resident Advisory Board (RAB) have dedicated their time and voices
to enhance the lives of thousands of families who
live in our public housing communities. Over the
years, we have worked hard to achieve communities
that are comfortable for our residents through our
collaboration with the staff at HABC.
In July 2017, HABC began operating under the leadership of Janet Abrahams. Executive Director Abrahams got right to work from day one, implementing
new initiatives to enhance HABC’s programs and services for residents of public housing and participants
in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. In that time,
the agency has been on the highway to success, fulfilling goal after goal. Specifics on how the agency
is embracing new initiatives and meeting the 4Cs of
HABC are highlighted in this report.
While it has not always been easy, the truth is that
we have been on this journey of growth together.
Our goal has always been to foster open communication between public housing residents and HABC.
Therefore, we are glad to partner with Executive
Director Janet Abrahams and her team to fulfill the
“4Cs of HABC - communication, community, customer service and collaboration.” Through our collective
efforts, we are enhancing the lives of residents and
building the future of public housing.
Congratulations to Executive Director Abrahams and
the staff at HABC for their commitment to achieving
the agency’s mission, vision and goals.
I am confident that the good news shared on the following pages will encourage continued collaboration
on the pathway to creating, affordable housing opportunities in sustainable neighborhoods. Congratulations to Executive Director Abrahams and her team
for a job well done.
Chairman Joseph Smith
HABC Board of Commissioners
Ella Broadway
RAB President
Catherine E. Pugh
Baltimore City Mayor
HABC: AMayor
New Mission,
Goals H
at Perkins


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