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Our website is clean, bright, functional and
easy to navigate.
We use it to build a relationship with our
consumers: to tell our rich brand story, to
help readers understand and improve their egg
buying and usage, to share enticing recipes of
all kinds, to invite conversation, and to help
readers find the stores near them with Happy
Egg products.
All of our farms are at least 8 acres, which is 10x the required size to
be considered Free Range. Most of the industry talks about space in
terms of square feet per hen. We believe this leads to more confusion in the market. So, we’ve decided to do the math for people,
and do it in a way that is more relatable—acreage. “Over 8 acres of
pasture on every farm.”
We built an entire set of infographics to visually tell the story of
our farm innovations. We DO NOT talk about square footage
per bird to consumers and we do not define Free-est of the Free
Range™ as a space issue. Afterall, freedom from a hen’s point of
view is much bigger than square footage and what causes a laying
hen to flourish goes way beyond space.


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