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Guadileva’s story
Now Martin also works as
front of house manager
for Arabian Bites, a vegan
restaurant in Coventry.
Many other refugees on
our STEP programme
are also receiving work
opportunities there.
“I dreamed about
being a movie hero
when I was young
but I didn’t realise
I was going to be
in this dramatic
horror movie.”
“I can’t express my gratitude.
World Jewish Relief have
been like parents to us.”
Guadileva was seven years
old when the genocide in
Rwanda took place but she
will never forget men with
machetes appearing at her
door and her family hiding
in the forest for weeks on
end in order to escape the
mass murders taking place.
They survived but much of
their world was destroyed.
This experience unites
people like Guadileva with
the Jewish community –
parallels in our past drive us
to help Rwandans rebuild
their lives in the wake of the
More tragedy was to come
when Guadileva’s husband
died shortly after their
marriage, leaving her a
single mum to a young
child. Struggling for the
motivation to continue,
the only thing that kept
Guadileva going was her
young daughter and the
desire to build a better life
for her. With that in mind,
Guadileva joined World
Jewish Relief’s agricultural
programme where she
learned technical skills and
expertise in planting crops
and tending the fields.
Encouragement, advice and
field visits made her feel
confident and brave.
Now Guadileva has her
own field, has paid off her
debts, finished building the
house, installed water and
electricity – the only home
in the area to do so and sent
her daughter Liza to the
best local school.


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