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Have you ever wondered why some
park homes look more like bungalows?
Read on to discover how External Wall Insulation is transforming park
home sites around the UK.
Can you answer yes to any of
the following questions?
Do you ever experience the
temperature dropping in your home
within minutes of you turning off
your heating? Is there a cold feeling
of draughts over your feet? What
about mould and mildew appearing
in corners or cupboards? A musty
smell in wardrobes or simply the
feeling that you are paying too
much on your heating bills?
If you answered yes then you’ll
understand why people are adding
External Wall Insulation to their
homes. We sat down with Ann
Barradine, the Managing Director
of Park Home Specialist Insulated
Homes and soon discovered that
people are just loving the look and
feel of their transformed homes just
as much as the new found warmth.
“My company has installed External
Wall Insulation for decades now,
and we have seen the popularity
grow and grow. Definitely, the most
popular reason that we upgrade
a home is for our customers to
be warmer. Our thick, premium,
graphite-infused poly works by
trapping your heat inside, keeping
the home cosy and warm. This
allows you to have your heating
on less or to run it at a lower
temperature, which in turn sees
lower bills for our residents with our
Recently though, as people have
become used to seeing homes with
External Wall Insulation, we are
installing simply because people
want their home to look good and
to know they dont have the hassle
of repairing ply and the expense
and hassle of painting every few
years. Especially as over the last
couple of years the cost of External
Wall Insulation has come-down and
people can see it pays for itself to your bill and how much you may
within a few years”.
save. If people are unsure, I ask
them to grab a pad and pen and
It costs more than painting a work out what they might pay for
home. Will it really save money painting and repairing their home
over a ten year period. If you have
long term?
a damp home you’ll be paying for
“Every home and the way people dehumidifiers, cleaning products,
live in their homes are different. and re-decorating costs too. Then
Some people run their heating all look at their energy bills, they will
the time, some only for a few hours typically reduce by 33% but it can
a day. Some with the home well be up to 50%
ventilated and some not, these
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lifestyle choices make a difference
What Lies Beneath...
Small premium graphite grey poly panels (never large sheets) are built
upwards from an alluminium starter rail in a staggered pattern. This poly
is attached to the home using steel, plastic coated screws (the white
dots in this picture) and any tiny gaps filled with fire-proof foam. The
red strips you can see in the foreground are the strengthening corners
that are just about to be carefully fitted to to all the homes corners and
edges (look carefully and you’ll notice it next to the conservatory door
on the left where it’s been fitted to prevent damage). Render is trowelled
on over the poly and a super strong mesh weave is carefully pressed
into it and another
coat of thin render
put on top. After
a week to set
hard (cure), a third
layer of silicone
textured, coloured
render is trowelled
on top providing
a tough, durable
the home.


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