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Started on
the Internet
It is easy to get online and there is
a variety of help and support now
available to you if you get stuck.
Your library, council or Age UK
often provide information about
local training that is usually free.
You’ll need a device to physically
use to connect such as a computer,
laptop, tablet, phone or TV. This is
what you use to look at the internet
on. You’ll also need to set up your
internet access. For this you can
either use a data tariff on your
mobile phone or broadband.
Using your phone to access the
Internet can be expensive if you’re
not completely sure of what you are
doing. Using broadband supplied
by an Internet Service Provider
(ISP) such as BT, or whoeverit is
that supplies your home phone or
TV, is the typical choice and you
can use it when you are at home on
any device. Think of broadband as
an extra phone line but just for your Sky etc.). I would recommend you
dont use this but go to Gmail or
Outlook instead because if you
When you pay for broadband it is
change your Internet supplier you
billed in a similar way to your phone
will lose your email address and
line and they will provide you with
this is annoying. Go to www.google.
a free router which connects your
co.uk and search Gmail. This will
device to the internet.
bring up easy instructions to having
Your current landline phone or TV a free email address.
package supplier can provide a
quote and you can usually expect
to pay a set up fee and monthly
charge. Prices vary enormously
so shop around. Prices vary too Your device will use software
depending on how much data you to access the internet called a
might use. This is only relevant browser such as Chrome, Edge,
if you are going to be watching Internet Explorer or many others.
a lot of films or TV. It is probably This software keeps a record of
best to start out on a cheap low sites you have visited and you can
usage package and upgrade if you use it to set up favourites once you
need to. Don’t get talked into an get the hang of it.
expensive package as you may not
need it.
The company will arrange a date
with you for your broadband to
be installed and get everything
working for you. Make sure you
ask them to check your computer
or tablet connects OK before they
leave. If you have a printer, you
could ask them to check that for
you too.
When you set up your Internet
access you are normally given a free
email address from whoever you
chose as your provider (BT, Plusnet,
The most popular way to search is
using www.google.co.uk but there
are many other “search engines”
available such as Bing or Yahoo.
The first few result answers that
appear when you search are
adverts and will show a little
square with the word “ad” next
to them. Underneath these are
the main results. You will usually
get thousands of answers to your
search and you simply click on one
to look. You can use the arrows top
left to go back to your search and
select another option.


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