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or open any attachments in emails
unless you know the sender. Even
then, read the email carefully, does
Search for anything. Just type in
it look like the sort of email your
your favourite hobby, tv show,
friend would send? If in doubt, don’t
book, car, gardening, shopping,
travel, knitting, favourite place,
eating-out, dating, recipes, dog, Emails are often sent pretending
cat, movie star, celebrity, city... and to be from banks or government
see what comes up,
agencies. Ignore ALL emails from
them. If it is genuine, your bank or
the Tax man will write to you. Just
delete them. If you are worried,
contact the organisation and check
but delete the email.
Never give out any passwords OR
PINs to anyone. Not ever. Never.
Only enter your credit card details
into a site that you know. Or use
our tips to safe shopping.
Don’t give your name, address and
telephone out online to anyone
you don’t know.
There are people who send
malicious emails, if you open
them and click links or download Make sure you have virus software
anything this can put harmful on your computer. There are lots of
information on your computer.
good free products available, we
Don’t click on any links in emails use Total 360 in the office.

Send and receive email.
Watch films, TV & videos.
Store your photographs and videos safely.
Join online and local clubs and groups.
Chat to friends & family and make new friends.
Have your food shopping delivered.
Read about anything that interests you.
Listen to music, the radio and audiobooks.
Manage prescriptions.
Play games, complete crosswords & do puzzles.
Use social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Research things such as a new washing machine or car.
Go shopping.
Learn a new hobby.
Compare insurers and energy suppliers.
Access your bank account and pay your bills.
Discover recipes, watch cookery lessons and find ingredients.
Learn a new language or take an online course.
Read a book, book theatre, cinema & concert tickets.
Plan and book holidays, days out or virtually travel the world.
with our
simple tips
Only use a credit card not a
debit card.
Sites that use Paypal, Sage,
World Pay or another third-party
payment company can be safer
as you are not giving a company
you dont know your card details.
Look for a padlock symbol in
the top left of the top bar.
Check the website
starts with https.
Never type in your card details
without checking the above.
Stay safe with Paypal, you
enter your card details once and
it is stored securely. When you go
shopping, Paypal authorises the
purchase for you, so you don’t
have to enter your card details
into the site you are shopping
from and Paypal don’t share it
either. If something goes wrong,
Paypal step in and resolve any
issues and organise immediate
Be very cautious about buying
health supplements online from a
company you do not know. They
may be making bogus claims and
could be providing fake goods.
Read the small print, check
you are not setting up repeated
payments or agreeing to a
second payment later.
Check the returns policy. Are
they going to charge you if you
want to return it or is it free?
If it seems to good to be
true, it often is!
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