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6. Chores
It does sound unlikely but our brains are happy
if we have completed tasks. Active tasks like
housework also provide the benefits of exercise
too. Putting things off can prey on our minds as
well so, the more we work through our tasks and
chores, the less we have to worry about.
9. Learn
Learning is satisfying and raises self-esteem.
There are thousands of free online courses you
could take from an hour to a year long. Evening
Classes are fantastic as you’ll meet similar minded
people and have a new interest. If you dont know
where to start, search online or visit your local
7. Smile
Researchers have noted that even a fake smile 10. Get Outside
can make us happier even if we feel a little odd Go for a walk, do a bit of gardening, go shopping.
doing it. One theory is that it improves blood flow Sometimes just a change of scene can help if life
to the brain.
is getting us down.
Having a routine or a planned event or two, helps
us cope if we feel like we have nothing to look
forward to. Make an effort to plan a trip, meet
a friend, shop or to join a new group. If budget
allows, planning holidays or meet-ups with friends
is helpful but dont let a lack of funds hold you
back, as activities can be as simple as meeting a
friend or cooking your favourite meal.


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