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Painting your park home
5 Quick Questions
Are they going to clean and prepare
the surface correctly before painting?
Are they repairing any areas of
damaged ply?
Do they have the knowledge to solve
the root cause of the damaged ply
before painting?
Are they using a branded, quality paint
like Resitex that will last?
If you’re painting regularly, would
External Wall Insulation work out more
cost effective over a few years?
The UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Thermoplastic Park Home Coatings
the best dressed homes are wearing”
Professionals use
to say thank you for your help & assistance when we ordered your product. It
“We would like
certainly does everything you say and our home looks wonderful.

– Ralph and Alma Jackson
For free advice, colour charts and more....
Phone us! 01226 242322 email info@resitexcoatings.co.uk
Wharnclie Business Park, Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S71 3HR
CALL 01647 24599 for a free quotation
EMAIL info@insulatedhomes.net
VISIT www.insulatedhomes.net
so can you!
It’s no surprise that many leading park home manufacturers and refurbishment
companies use Resitex, there’s probably no better way to protect your home. But did
you know you can buy it yourself, direct from the manufacturers? They can even
supply an inexpensive easy to use application kit if you need to paint your park home
yourself and will deliver to your door the next day. Collections from the factory can
also be arranged by prior appointment.
Recommended for use on all textured homes e.g:
Manor Park Homes, Omar, Tingdene, Prestige, Stately-Albion, Homeseeker, Wessex,
Pathnder, Country Homes and others.
Resitex is specially formulated to create a exible, tough, decorative, breathable barrier
between your home’s structure and the elements.
have also developed a unique roof coating formulated to protect,
enhance and prolong the lifespan of Metrotile, Decra and other roof tile systems.
PROTECT your home
PREVENT deterioration
To ensure that our AWARD-WINNING
installers can create a FLEXIBLE, TOUGH
AND BREATHABLE barrier between the
structure of your home & its elements, we
only use high quality Resitex paint.
Established 1983


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