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Spring Clean
...outside your home
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as pulling on your gloves and scrubbing up the outside
of your home on a warm spring afternoon and quite literally dusting off the cobwebs.
Algae Stains
Algae stains can be treated
with any proprietary moss and
algae remover, simply follow the
manufacturers instructions on
the bottle. Look for a product that
doesn’t need to be rinsed off and
that offers long-term protection.
Clean algae regularly as the longer
it remains, the harder it is to remove.
Steps, Decking & Paths
Use the same moss & algae
cleaner on pathways and steps that
you used on your walls to brighten
them up and remove slippery green
stains. Pressure washing works
too, especially if you want to avoid
using chemicals.
© Andrey_Arkusha/ Adobe Stock
Clean up your plastic guttering,
downpipes, soffits, fascia and
outdoor furniture gently with soapy
water and a sponge or extendible
soft brush such as a window or car
cleaning brush. If you didn’t clean
your plastics in the autumn you
may need to use a specialist uPVC
cleaner to remove stains. Bleach
and abrasive cleaners should be
avoided as they can scratch and
discolour uPVC over time.
If your plastics are dull, cracked or
split it may be time to replace them,
broken guttering can lead to damp
problems and streaks down your
home. Fitting “hedgehog” utter
brushes can prevent blockages.
If any of your double glazing is
fogged up or has moisture inside,
you can replace just the sealed
glass unit for a fraction of the cost
of new windows.
Roof Cleaning
This is definitely not one to try
If you have external wall insulation yourself! But have a look, if you
on your home your installer should have any damaged tiles or your roof
have provided you with a care is more of a moss-garden then you
leaflet on how to clean. Insulated can get it professionally cleaned
Homes have advised that you and coated. A reputable company
clean their system just as though it will prolong the life of your roof for
were a car. Don’t let dirt build up, years to come.
use a soft to medium bristle brush
ideally on a hosepipe.
©volgariver/ Adobe Stock
If you don’t have external
wall insulation you will need
to inspect your home whilst
cleaning and look for any
areas of damaged ply. Find
a specialist installer who can
Clean plastics regularly but gently work out the cause as well as
to preserve their finish and keep repair it ready for your home
to be re-painted.
them looking like new.


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