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Spring Clean
...your life
Reduce your media
We are all
with spring
your home,
but have you
ever applied
the same
principles to
your life?
Remove the clutter from your
home and you’ll not only feel a
sense of accomplishment but
also benefit from a cleaner, more
organised home with greater
available space for you.
Watching negative news several
times a day can give you the
impression that the world is a
truly terrible place. A recent
Ipsos Mori survey suggests
we frequesntly think things are
worse than they are but often
this is not the case.
A 10 minute walk a day is plenty
to lift the spirits, clear the mind
and raise your heart-rate. The
more you exercise, the better
you should sleep and focus.
Why not join an exercise
class, start a walking group,
go swimming, try yoga. Find
News and negative story lines an activity that suits you and
on the TV may be washing over benefit from a healthier, happier,
you. Try to reduce your news lifestyle.
intake and ask yourself whether
what you are watching is actually
good for you?
A good laugh releases chemicals
that make us feel good, lowering
Not all of us an be great artists, stress and increasing resistance
to disease.
Get Creative
Watch comedies on the TV or at
the cinema; read funny books;
organise a coffee meet up with
friends and importantly try not to
take things too seriously.
but you can still find and grow
your creative side. Gardening,
cooking, puzzles and singing are
Be Kind
all excellent ways of nurturing
Kindness to others is one of
your creativity and sense of
the kindest things you can do
Removing the unused and contentment.
for yourself. Whether you give
unnecessary items from your
things away, help others, pass
home can also make some Take up a new hobby or re-start
compliments or simply just smile,
people feel more focused and one. Crochet, gaming, reading
it doesn’t have to cost money
model-making, baking, painting
although gift-giving or helping
or jewellery making don’t cost
someone out financially can be
Get yourself four boxes or bags a fortune, need little space and
rewarding too.
and divide unwanted items into: can be a healthier outlet than
recycle, throw-away, give-away the TV.
or sell.


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