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If you have some spare hours
you could volunteer, the
opportunities are endless and
can provide you with a sense of
worthfullness and wellbeing.
down as though you are them,
if you have to think hard about
how an event happened from
someone elses point of view, it
can often make things easier,
it may make you see that what
happened was about them and
not you and allow you to move
receive it and you’ll never lose it.
Have a list or a notebook and
write down everything that is
good, things like a friend, a pet,
a sunset, a good meal, whatever
makes you happy that day. Try to
add to your list daily and watch
it grow.
which relaxes our minds. Invest
Writing lists is a wonderful way or in tubs, boxes or containers and
organising yourself and feeling a label them so you know where
sense of achievement when you everything is.
tick them off.
You can have lists and
notebooks for all kinds of things.
If someone upsets you, write
down what happened. It can
help to feel better to either write
them an imaginary letter in your
notebook or even to write it
Get Organised
Not everyone uses a print
diary anymore as we keep
our schedule on phones and
computers but the information
you add is the same whatever
method you use. Be thorough
and make sure you add in all
Make Lists
events, birthdays, anniversaries,
Another popular list is the bucket appointments, meet-ups and
list. A list of things we want to other commitments.
do before we die. Try writing
two versions, one that has your Make sure whatever method
wildest dreams and ideas in it you use to keep a track that it is
and another one of things to do easy to use and big enough to
close to home that maybe you write everything down.
have been putting off, simple
The older i get, the more lists I things like asking a neighbour
make but have you ever tried around for coffee; visiting a Storage
making positive lists rather than friend you havnt seen for years, Making sure that everything
going on a trip; clearing out a has a place in your home leads
shopping lists?
to a clean, uncluttered space
Lists are just the tip of the iceberg
when it comes to organisation.
You could improve how your
file your bills, documents and
receipts with a new filing system.
File everything as soon as you
Be selective
You can also de-clutter how
you spend your time. It is easy
to fall into a habit of going out
in a group or to a club and not
actually enjoying yourself. Don’t
be afraid of moving on and trying
something new.


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