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Use colour and food groups as your guide.
Most of us want to try and eat healthier
even if we dont always manage to do
as well as we’d like. It’s not easy, we are
bombarded with information about what
foods are good and what foods are bad
and the advice is constantly changing as
new research is published.
Suggestions: Cherries, cranberries, radishes,
raspberries, red apples, red grapes, red peppers,
strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon.
Top tip: Add tomatoes and peppers to sauces
and stews.
Could it be that what we need to do is just simplify
what we have been told? The 5-a-day advice is Health benefits: Beta-carotene
easy to remember and achievable with not too gives yellow and orange fruits
and vegetables their colour and
much expense or effort.
is converted to vitamin A in the
If all we then to is try and eat a good variety body, where it helps us make
of fresh and natural foods then we can’t go far hormones and keeps our eyes
wrong. Variety is the key and that doesnt only healthy.
mean types of food, it means colour. Here’s our
handy guide to add a bit of bright variety to your Suggestions: Cantaloupe, melon, mangoes,
nectarines, oranges, peaches, peppers, pumpkin,
sweet potatoes.
Top tip: Add roasted sweet potatoes to pasta
sauced and stews.
gives red fruits their colour. It
is thought to have antioxidant
properties that may help protect
against heart disease.
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Health benefits: As with orange fruit and
vegetables, beta-carotene gives yellow varieties
their colour.


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