The Trinidad Presbyterian | May 2020 - Page 11

prayer or simply wants to hear someone’s voice
in their anxieties. Person to person contact is
extremely important to decrease chances of
anxiety attacks, depression and other effects of
The PCTT has partnered with the following
persons and organizations:
Mr. Haniff Benjamin, The Centre For Human
Development Limited, if extended help is
needed. Contact Numbers, 317-3471, 374-9996,
Mrs. Lystra Mongroo-Mahabir, Psychotherapist/
Clinical Social Worker, 393-4546.
Mrs. Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh, Coalition Against
Domestic Violence, 624-0402
In keeping with the information released by
the Ministry of Education to all schools and
Principals, identify children in your church
and community who may have special
needs. PLEASE contact The Officers and
representatives to the Presbyterian Education
Boards for further information.
Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of
Education: Reverend Brenda Bullock,
Chairperson. Mrs Geeta Maharaj, General
Secretary 652-3717
Presbyterian Secondary Schools’ Board of
Education, Mr. Christian Dookhoo, Chairman
The PCTT continues in its outreach programs
to recognize the vulnerable in our communities
- the homeless, the elderly, the children,
those most challenged by viral outbreaks,
the abused, those with the least resources
available to them.
The Mission of our church to extend
Pastoral Care to our members as well as our
communities continues by touching lives in a
meaningful and spiritual way.
We are thankful for church workers and lay
persons for piloting the various projects in your
regions in this regard. Our sacrificial love must
truly be exhibited by our reaching out to the
needs of God’s people during this time of restrictions and
We encourage ALL Pastoral Regions to extend their
benevolence by evaluating the needs of your communities
and responding to those needs as may be necessary. Please,
be reminded of the protocols as directed by our government
agencies to be safe and in keeping with health regulations.


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