Guidance Counsellor Language Activity Resource - Page 11

Ian McKinley – Italian
Magda Rogers – Polish
Professional Rugby Player in Italy
“The most important thing in this world at the moment,
is to have options and then you can pursue whatever
you want to pursue whether that is music, sport, drama.
A different language definitely can open up avenues for
you and just give you options.”
Legal Secretary
“I use English and Polish at work every day. It is
extremely convenient for me to know languages in this
job, especially Polish because I have a big database of
Polish clients. I strongly recommend that you hold on to
your mother tongue.”
Fiona Uyema – Japanese
Hugh Cooney – Chinese
Author and Entrepreneur
“When I think back on when I was a student filling out
that CAO form, I really couldn’t have imagined what
I would have gained from learning another language
and how it has benefitted me in my work life and my
personal life.”
CEO and Founder of Bleeper Bike
“More and more foreign companies are coming to
Dublin. If you speak a second language you’ll significantly
increase the amount of jobs you can apply for and also it
gives you more opportunities to go outside Ireland for a
few years to get experience working abroad.”
Laura Glendon – German
Katie Walsh – French
Software Company
“I take part in recruitment and straightaway, when we’re
seeing the CVs coming in, we’re automatically looking
for the languages, so they completely stand out, no
matter what else is on the CV we really are looking
for the languages. Definitely, even for myself I know I
wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my language.”
Cruise Ship Spa Manager
“The best thing for me about speaking a second
language is that I can make connections all over the
world and not just in Ireland. Having French behind me
has just been an excellent tool for me.”


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