Guidance Counsellor Language Activity Resource - Page 5

Counsellors’ Guidelines Activities
Activity 1
Part B
Pair Up!
After watching the video individually, students get into
their pairs and discuss what their two interviewees
have in common.
Each can note it down on an A4 sheet or by using Mentimeter (word cloud option).
The word cloud could be then displayed in the classroom.
Activity 2
Students form groups of four.
Pairs join up and pick a placemat.
In other words
a. Each student selects a section and answers the following questions:
b. “What difficulties would the interviewees have found themselves confronted by,
if they did not speak another language?” Student then writes their answer in
their section of the placemat. (Placemats could be put up around the room as
c. Students read all the answers and pick the top two and put these in the middle.
d. Share with the class and discuss.
Activity 3
Decide which side of the room will be “agree”
and the opposite will be “disagree”.
Read one statement at a time to the students and ask the students to place themselves
along the line depending on their opinion. Ask a few each time to explain their answer.
Statement 1: “Languages helped the interviewees in getting a career they love.”
Statement 2: “Languages open doors you might not have thought.”
Statement 3: “Before today, I did not view languages as an asset.”
Statement 4: “Languages can be useful in all career choices.”
Statement 5: “Continuing a language in college would increase my opportunities.”


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