Guidance Counsellor Language Activity Resource - Page 6

Counsellors’ Guidelines Activities
Activity 4
Reflect and
This could be given for homework
Exit Ticket
Ask each student to write on a post-it
or via an app (Socrative, etc.).
a. Ask students to think of a job/career they are interested in or the job/career
of a person they admire.
b. Ask them to reflect on “How do you think having languages could help you
or the person in their job/career?” (What difficulties would they encounter?
What could they do thanks to having languages? What advantages would
they have over someone with no language skills?).
c. Students present their finding to the class.
To avoid having too many presentations in the same format, encourage students
to use different styles of presenting such as:
-- PowerPoint/Keynote/Prezi etc.
-- Posters/Interactive posters (for example: Buncee; PicCollage)
-- Padlets
-- Multimedia slideshow (for example: Adobe Sparks)
-- Book creator
-- Recordings or videos (examples: SpeakPipe; iMovie)
• One thing I learnt today...
• It made me think...
• Now I wonder...
One thing I learnt
Key Skills

It made me think...
Now I wonder...
Managing Information and Thinking
Being Literate
Being Creative


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