Guidance Counsellor Language Activity Resource - Page 8

Student Activities
Activity 1
Activity 2
a. Join up with another pair and pick up a placemat.
b. Individually, answer the following questions: “What difficulties would the interviewee
have found themselves confronted by, if they did not speak another language?;
c. Read all the answers and pick the top two and put them in the middle of the
d. Share with the class and discuss.
Activity 3
Walking debate. Imagine there is a line. One side is 100% agree and the opposite
side 100% disagree. After each statement, place yourself on the line that reflects your
opinion. Be ready to explain your answer.
Activity 4
a. Think of a job/career you are interested in or the job/career of a person you admire.
b. How do you think languages could help you or the person in their job/career?
c. Present your finding to the class in a format of your choice.
-- PowerPoint/Keynote/Prezi etc.
-- Posters/Interactive posters (for example: Buncee; PicCollage)
-- Padlets
-- Multimedia slideshow (for example: Adobe Sparks)
-- Book creator
-- Recordings or videos (examples: SpeakPipe; iMovie)
Exit Ticket
To sum up…
You have been assigned a video to watch.
While you are watching the video, fill in the fact sheet.
In pairs, present the person you saw in the video to your partner.
Discuss what they had in common and write it down.
• One thing I learnt today...
• It made me think...
• Now I wonder...


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