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There is no PLANET B
We must respect our planet and reduce our resource and chemical consumption. There is no alternative! Naturally, Pre End supports the goal and the
hunt for a much better and less resource-intensive textile production.
By now, there is no longer any doubt that we
need to increasingly focus on our resource
consumption in the vast majority of the world’s
industries – textile, of course, being no exception! The industry is known for its huge water
and chemical consumption. Intensive research
is therefore being conducted into better and
more eco-friendly production methods. All
the way from the cultivation of cotton and the
production and processing of textile to the final
production of clothing for the world market.
In 2018, Pre End became a part of the Better
Cotton Initiative (BCI) – a non-profit
organisation working to improve the global
cotton production.
BCI is an initiative launched by WWF in 2005.
The idea was to develop a collaboration with the
entire cotton production supply chain to make
the production of cotton and the products far
more sustainable. This has turned into a huge
success and has spread to more than 21 countries, and many of the major brands have also
adopted the concept and manufacture a larger
share of their products in pure BCI materials.
The organisation trains BCI Farmers in transforming their farming practices to greener
practices through water conservation, caring for
the soil and reducing the use of chemicals. In
addition, BCI also wishes to improve working
conditions and create better job satisfaction for
the cotton farmers.
Pre End has a strong focus on the environmental
issues associated with the clothing industry and
wishes to work towards more eco-friendly and
sustainable products. Pre End will reveal its first
BCI styles already in autumn 2019. At this time,
it will be possible to buy BCI-approved jeans,
T-shirts and knitwear in the shops.
In the 2016-2017 cotton season, 1.3 million
licensed BCI Farmers produced 3.3 million
tonnes of BCI cotton, which is an all-time high
for more sustainably produced cotton for the
global supply chain.
In 2018, BCI experienced a historical increase
in dealers and BCI Members, who used more
than one million tonnes of BCI cotton in their
production, corresponding to 1.5 billion pairs
of jeans.
The target is to train five million cotton farmers
by 2020, and for 30% of global cotton production to be BCI cotton. Achieving this target
and changing the cotton production worldwide
require commitment and collaboration throughout the cotton supply chain.
BCI states that it is pleased to see that cotton
produced in accordance with the BCI principles
is a growing trend which has become an integral
part of the global cotton trade.
Pre End is proud to be part of this change
towards a more sustainable clothing industry in
the future.


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