NL-Series-Brochure-9.6.19 - Page 3

Smart Machine Construction
NL Series
Smart Machine Construction
12-Station Turret
Pre-Tensioned and Double Anchored Ballscrews
All axes ballscrews are pre-tensioned, heat treated and
fixed by double anchors on both ends, providing ultimate
rigidity and minimal thermal growth.
Large diameter 3-piece Curvic
coupling for excellent rigidity and
extended tool life.
High torque AC servo motor driven for
fast indexing time and excellent
positioning and repeatability(0.15
second index time).
Pin Tube Rib Design for Minimal
Thermal Deformation
Radiator fan-like pin tube rib
design dissipates heat
generated by axis
movements, maintaining
minimal thermal expansion.
Programmable Tailstock Body & Quill
Wide-spaced guideways and heavy-duty tailstock body
design ensure machining rigidity, and built in spindle quill
design ensures higher rigidity.
Double row cylindrical roller bearings in the front
and back, coupled with angular thrust bearings,
ensure high rigidity for heavy cutting and
excellent surface finishes.
Hexahedral Slide Ways(X-axis)
Gear Box
Rigid 45 degree Slant Bed
NL2500, 3000, 4000, 5000 and NL
6000 are equipped with two-speed
in-line gear box.
The 45 degree slant torque
tube design bed and wide
guide slide ways.
NL 7000 is equipped with standard
three-speed gearbox.
Easy access to the workpiece
and superb chip discharge.
NL 2500, 3000
(Gear box OPT. )
NL 4000, 5000, 6000
(Gear box STD. )
Wide boxways, machined from one
piece casting, promote heavy-duty
Induction hardened and precision
ground ways ensure accurate
machining for extended periods of
Hexahedral Slide Way Frame

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