2019 SailPoint Identity Insider Magazine - Page 11

personal information through such devices is a
clear concern that can go beyond an initial impact
on the household, particularly if those devices have
login credentials that are shared across various
user accounts, personal and corporate.
The domino effect of shared login credentials
across accounts has been a major topic in the
headlines lately, and we saw credential stuffing
make major waves during the MEGA breach at the
beginning of 2019. With one breached account,
hackers could expose multiple user accounts if the
username and password had been replicated. This
is why we urge our own employees and customers
to adhere to good password hygiene.
Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?
We are in the midst of a major paradigm shift as
consumers, in which the threshold for today’s
modern connected home remains undefined. Many
consumers do not consider the impact that turning
on a Google Home device or allowing Alexa to be
your digital assistant can have from a privacy and
security standpoint.
In my last visit to a friend’s home in Silicon Valley,
she demonstrated to me the wonders of using
Alexa for everything from homework help to just
calling the kids to come down for dinner. That
same friend worked alongside me for several
years in a major cybersecurity company. All that
acute awareness and cybersecurity education did
not make her stop and think about the possible
consequences of living her life in front of alwaysconnected devices.
This is a real-world reminder that all of us,
cybersecurity experts or not, should exercise
caution when purchasing connected devices,
whether for home or office use. It’s important to
not display – verbally or visually – any personal or
corporate sensitive data when in presence of any
connected IoT device. We should also consider that
the same devices that make our lives easier could
also be used by a deceptive third party to rob us of
our privacy.
Ultimately, have we reached the point where
our security is no longer more important than
efficiency? Or do we simply not care enough to
consider the implications? Time will tell, but in my
view, there is plenty of technology in my work life
that heightens my productivity. I will choose privacy
over convenience, especially at home. To me, that is
far more sacred.
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