2019 SailPoint Identity Insider Magazine - Page 22

The 2019 Identity Report
The State of Identity
in the Digital Era
Today’s business world is constantly
evolving, bringing new opportunities as
well as new risks. Hackers continue to
find weaknesses to expose, resulting
in a daily wave of data breaches. And
governments continue to react with
growing regulatory requirements.
Failure to address either brings steep
consequences. These changes have
altered the way enterprises go about
their business.
In order to keep up with today’s everchanging security and compliance
landscape, organizations are now
starting to understand the security
strategy evolution needed to properly
govern their users, and their access to
corporate resources.
To gauge where enterprises are in
the process of putting identity at
the center of this strategy, SailPoint
partnered with Identropy to create a
self-assessment for IT leaders. The
assessment evaluates how effective
their organizations’ current identity
programs are with regards to the most
prevalent security and compliance
challenges. After completing the
assessment, respondents received an
“Identity Score” – similar to a credit
score – for their current program,
along with recommendations for how
to strengthen their program going
SailPoint evaluated over 750 responses
from 2018 to create the identity
industry benchmark, and identified
three key identity-related challenges
that enterprises face today in one
overarching theme: Organizations have
identity-shaped holes in their security.


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