2019 SailPoint Identity Insider Magazine - Page 3

ERIKA JARVI Sr. Content Marketing Manager, SailPoint
It’s time for a shake-up.
It’s the third year now for the Identity Insider, and I’ll tell you, it’s been
a fun ride so far. But there’s one thing we need to change. Security, to
date (and forgive my candor here), has never really been an “exciting”
topic. Yes, those of us who are “in it” love seeing the new bits and
bobs that come from our research into emerging tech. But, if you
stopped someone in the street and asked them how they felt about
microservices or AI, they may just end up giving you a weird look and
start talking about Ex Machina.
With security such an important topic for literally every person (much
less corporation) around the world, it’s time for things to change. We,
as an industry, can no longer treat identity – something so central and
important for enterprise security – as something that is just for the
techies or for those in IT. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of cool
things that happen in the depths of things like APIs and SDKs. But it
can’t be how we approach Bob the Businessman.
So, for the rest of this year and as we look into 2020, let’s all take a
moment and get out of our heads a bit. Let’s look at what new tech
is coming out, but let’s also get everyone excited about it. So, with
this issue of the Identity Insider, take inspiration from the innovations
coming from the industry and let’s take on the future. Together.


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