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Click on the image above to see the presentation of Herbert Pechek, as presented during SAPICS 2019.
roughly 90 000 SKUs (stock keeping
units), including 29 000 SKUs of spare
Pechek shared remarkable statistics to
illustrate the importance of transforming
the organisation’s approach to supply
chain management. “In terms of its
aircraft and aviation services, the UN’s
peacekeeping operation would be
ranked in the top 20 in the world if it was
an international airline,” he revealed.
“Water and sanitation, power and energy,
vehicles, field technology and fuel must
reach the most remote areas of the world.
In 2018, UN peacekeeping produced
almost five billion litres of drinking
water and treated 2.2 billion litres of
Food, rations and catering supply chains
serve more than 400 UN cafeterias and
field kitchens globally. United Nations
peacekeepers consumed some 28 000
tons of fresh food in 2018, along with 50
000 tons of dry food and more than 2 000
tons of combat rations.
The medical support provided for UN
peacekeeping missions last year included
487 tons of medicines and medical
supplies for more than 722 000 patients
and 768 UN-operated clinics.
Pechek said that fuel supply is one of the
organisation’s main supply chains, and
revealed that in 2018, 28 million litres of
diesel fuel and 10 million litres of jet A-1
fuel were supplied for peacekeeping
missions. More than 61 million kWh of
power was generated by over 220 power
generation stations operated by UN
peacekeeping, he said. Inventory held
by UN peacekeeping last year included
“Our supply chains are life critical,”
Pechek stressed. “The effectiveness
of peace operations depends on the
operational support received. If our
supply chains don’t succeed, lives are at
risk. We have to get it right the first time.”
While transforming its supply chain
strategy, the UN also rolled out an ERP

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