SAPICS 2019 Post-Conference Ezine - Page 32

your waste disposal on site,” he informed
SAPICS attendees.
can assist in the development process
from start to finish,” he advised.
As a means of offsetting their carbon
footprint, he recommended that
companies invest in effective and
environmentally sustainable projects
that come in under the marginal carbon
tax rate of R120 for every tonne of
CO2e. “These partnerships are not only
financially incentivising; they help support
worthwhile green initiatives in other parts
of the world.”
Lourens said that the Western Cape
Government has implemented legislation
that will completely ban organic waste
to landfill by 2028, which will force
companies to implement solutions for the
“New innovations are making Zero
Waste to Landfill a reality. It requires an
integrative approach with separation at
source and effective down-stream waste
management practises. This approach
maximises recyclables recovery, while
organic waste is isolated and treated
using composting or biogas. The
remaining waste consisting mainly of
unrecyclable plastic packaging can then
be converted, either into energy (such
as electricity or oil) using Pyrolysis or,
into bricks or concrete to build much
needed infrastructure. The waste-toenergy landscape in South Africa is still
in a vulnerable state, but we believe this
will all soon change as our economy is
shifting to a low carbon economy,” he
The biogas digester is a well proven
technology that converts organic waste
into a clean and sustainable energy
source. Lourens explained that when
organic waste such as discarded food
waste is landfilled, it produces methane
gas, which is many times more potent
than CO2. Biogas digesters have been
around in South African since 2014.
“Unfortunately, many of the installations
did not perform, with several facilities
having closed-down or running with
severe performance constraints. The
most important lesson for successful
implementation is the selection of an
experienced local operational partner that
The fantastic Whova conference app was announced
as the most used by all Whova clients globally for
June! The delegates at SAPICS 2019 made the most
of using the app to network, set up meetings, chat,
create their individualised programmes, keep up
to date with changes and developments and store
their photos. Thanks to Imperial Logistics for their
sponsorship of this valuable tool!


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