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The next Young
Professional and Student
Conference will be held in
Johannesburg on:
6 September 2019
Reflecting its commitment to attracting and developing a pipeline of
talent to address the critical skills gap in the supply chain profession,
SAPICS hosted its 4th annual Young Professional and Student
Conference in Johannesburg this year.
years of graduate programmes or
he event is aimed at young
professionals and students
who want to gain insight into
the supply chain profession from the
conference’s practical perspective.
Several universities were invited to
send students to the one-day event,
including the Universities of South
Africa, Johannesburg and Pretoria,
North-West University, and the
Tshwane and Vaal Universities of
Technology. These students were
mainly third or final year students
studying supply chain management or
related topics. The young professionals
who attended are currently working in
related fields, in their first or second
The event’s varied programme included
speakers from diverse backgrounds who
gave the young delegates career path
guidance as well as insights into the
supply chain management profession’s
many facets. Because it is sometimes
misunderstood and undervalued, the
profession is not attracting the young,
emerging talent that it needs. Events
like this are vital to inform graduates and
students of the opportunities that exist in
this exciting and dynamic field, which is
constantly evolving and leveraging new
(TETA), Trackmatic and Transnet – had
the opportunity to interview the students
during the day, exposing the young
attendees to practical career guidance
and opportunities.
The latest technologies that are
revolutionising supply chain management
include blockchain, and the SAPICS
Young Professional and Student
Conference featured a presentation by
Kamendran Govender and Toni Nobre
of Letsema Consulting-Next-Generation
Operations, on blockchain technology’s
possibilities for supply chain. Blockchain
technology has been touted as one
of the next big disruptors of industries
and business models and has attracted
enormous media coverage and public
interest. In this presentation, Kamendran
and Toni examined what the technology
means for procurement and supply chain
capabilities specifically, considering
the “hype” versus the reality of the
technology, and what can be learnt
from various supply chain use cases.
Delegates learnt that 70% of cocoa beans
are purchased from plantations that use
child labour and that 20% of diamonds
sold around the globe are still blood
diamonds; and that blockchain will help to
address this.
Demand driven material requirements
planning (DDMRP), digitisation and
Quality Assurance in pharmaceutical
storage and distribution were other topics
on the agenda. Chantal Kading, owner of
The People Shop, facilitated a practical,
interactive session allowing attendees to
take a holistic view on their career paths,
personal and professional branding.
Chantal, who recently summited
Kilimanjaro, also shared lessons that
she learnt on this journey and how these
could help the young professionals and
students to create their own successful
futures. She told delegates that vision,
preparation, execution and celebration
are the fundamentals to summiting their
careers. Based on the hugely positive
feedback that SAPICS received after
the conference, we hope that the young
attendees have been motivated to
continue their climb and consider careers
in supply chain management.
The conference’s corporate sponsors Barloworld Logistics, Imperial Logistics,
Transport Education Training Authority


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