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Mercury Floor Machines has been making high-quality, durable and long-lasting floor machines for over 50 years. Our
machines, known as “the original floor machine,” are heavy and add a bit of elbow grease to the cleaning process. They
include polished aluminum castings that we polish ourselves in-house. We are one of the few companies left that have
strong, all-metal castings that are easy to clean and look newer longer! Our “Best Warranty on the Planet” Program is a
key ingredient to our distributors’ ultimate success!
Features and Benefits
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Warranty: “Best Warranty on the Planet” – 5-years on motor, gearbox, transmission and chassis
(unless otherwise noted).

Powered by a precision-balanced, heavy-duty 1.5 HP 66-frame motor for easy operation.

The triple-planetary high torque transmission handles the most demanding jobs.

Strong, all-metal polished aluminum reinforced aprons. Easy to clean and look newer longer!

All metal chassis gives added weight for a faster, longer lasting and brighter shine.

Scrub with a brush 2” smaller than the machine size, or a pad and pad driver with riser 1” smaller
than the machine size.

Safety-enhanced interlock switch on the handle leaves both hands conveniently in control.

Safety-enhanced, non-conductive dual triggers on the handle eliminate shock potential.

48” tall handle is fully adjustable and is comfortable for all operators.

Non-marking, super-thick bumper protects walls and baseboards.

Includes 6” non-marking wheels for easy transport.

Includes (1) 50-foot, 14/3-gauge safety power cord. Motor plugs into cable at the base of the
handle for easy maintenance.
Manufactured with
Pride in the U.S.A.
Ask about 230 Volt Models.
HERCULES Super Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
Also called a “floor buffer” and is specifically designed for cleaning, scrubbing or stripping floors.
Rotary Pad
Brush Speed: 175 RPM
Apron Size
13 in.
11 in.
Driver with Riser
12 in.
103 lbs.
15 in.
13 in.
14 in.
104 lbs.
17 in.
15 in.
16 in.
106 lbs.
Order brushes and pad drivers
19 in.
17 in.
18 in.
107 lbs.
The floor machine, which also may
be more traditionally referred to as a
“Floor Buffer,” is specifically designed for
cleaning, scrubbing or stripping floors.
20 in.
18 in.
19 in.
108 lbs.
21 in.
18 in.
19 in.
108 lbs.
Motor Type: 1.5 HP A/C, 2 Capacitors,
15 Amp
Optional: Unicorn Weight Kit (UWK) and
Solution Tank (SST-4)
Optional Short Bristle Pad Drivers
1305 12 in. 1505 14 in. 1705 16 in. 1905 18 in. 2105 19 in.
TIP: We make it easy for the end-user to self diagnose
issues. Our motor plugs into the cable at the base of
handle. If you unplug the short pigtail, plug it into
the wall and if it doesn’t work, then the issue is in the
handle, not the motor!
SDR Facility Solutions
TIP: Our motors have dual capacitors that work as
start and run capacitors. Our machines also include
triple-planetary high torque transmissions. Both
these features extend the life of the motor and the

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