SDR Facility Solutions Coop Catalog - Page 343

Charger 2500
The Ultra High-Speed
• Produces a brilliant, high-gloss
• 20-inch/51-cm workpath
• 2500 RPM pad speed
• 1.5 HP motor for long life and
exceptional results
• Adjustable pad pressure for
optimal burnishing
• 7-year limited warranty
Cord-Electric Burnishers
NSS cord-electric burnishers produce a high-gloss shine
and are built to last for years to come.
Charger 1500
All NSS cord-electric burnishers have a powerful 1.5 HP
motor and a built-in pad driver for smooth, balanced, and
safe operation. Each is designed for quiet performance,
operator comfort, and simple usage. The standard safety
lockout mechanism helps prevent accidental or unauthorized
Versatile, and built to be
the best
• Use to burnish, spray buff, or
damp scrub
• 20-inch/51-cm workpath
The brilliant finish from the ultra high-speed Charger 2500 is
comparable to that produced by big battery machines. The
Charger 1500—a hallmark of the NSS line—is unmatched
for its durability and versatility. The 7-year warranty on these
Chargers speaks for itself. The Mustang 1500, Mustang 1500
Vac-Trac, and Galaxy 1500 are outstanding performers, and
outstanding values too.
• 1500 RPM pad speed for a
wet-look shine
• 1.5 HP motor and a unique
pad driver with inertial steel
plate tackle any job with ease
• 7-year limited warranty
Galaxy 1500
Mustang 1500
Economical high gloss
Dependable and affordable
• Produces high-gloss shine
• 20-inch/51-cm workpath
• 20-inch/51-cm workpath
• 1.5 HP motor and 1500 RPM pad
speed for productivity
• Produces a high-gloss shine
• 1.5 HP motor and 1500 RPM
pad speed for productivity
• Available with Vac-Trac filter for
great IAQ
• Built-in wheel carriage for easy
transport on stairways
• Built-in wheel carriage for easy
transport on stairways
• Safety-yellow bumper protects
furniture and fixtures
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