SDR Facility Solutions Coop Catalog - Page 345

Manta RS 34
Ride-on efficiency
• Sweep large areas quickly,
indoors or outdoors
• Fits through a standard door
without removing brushes.
• 34-inch/86.2-cm total workpath
• 13.2 gal dry/50-l hopper
• Heavy-duty 0.5 HP drive motor
for speeds up to 3.4 MPH
• Four 6V, 225 AH batteries
provide up to 3 hours
• On-board battery charger
simplifies recharging
NSS sweepers keep your facility looking its best—inside
and out. Built for long life, each model is easy to use and
maneuverable. Three sweepers are available to clean any
application or floor surface, including hard floors and carpet.
Sidewinder 27 MB
Choose the Manta RS 34 ride-on to sweep large areas quickly.
The Sidewinder 27 MB is a compact battery-powered walkbehind sweeper, ideal for large areas. Replace your push
broom with the Sidewinder 27 and sweep five times faster.
• Battery-powered brushes provide
for a highly maneuverable
• 27.5-inch/70-cm total workpath
• Large, 11.3 gal dry /43-l hopper
• 12V, 130 AH battery provides
hours of continuous operation
• On-board battery charger
recharges anywhere a plug
is available
Sidewinder 27
Advantage NSS
Versatile and economical
• Increases productivity—up
to 5 times faster than a push
NSS has always been driven by the belief that
the act of cleaning should “do no harm” to
our customer-operators or the environment.
• 27-inch/69-cm workpath
The features of our
“human engineered”
products protect the
health and safety of
the operator. Durability,
longevity, and flexibility
are designed into every piece of NSS
equipment. Because our products are built
to last, you’ll find NSS equipment hard at
work for years—and even decades—after
competitors’ products have failed and made
the trip to a landfill.
• 1.4 cu ft/40-l easily
removable hopper
• Durable and lightweight
• Use indoors or outdoors on
carpet or hard surfaces,
even in damp conditions
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