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Pacer 12/15 UE
Remarkable reliability
and value
• Powerful 1.7 HP motor
and chevron-style brush for
thorough cleaning
• WAVE-LOK® filter bag
US Patent 8,439,997,
• Simple maintenance. No
tools required to replace
brush or power cord
ADD: 100-Hour
Filtration Kit
• Motor filter
• HEPA filter
• 10 filter bags
Carpet Vacuums
NSS carpet vacuums have earned a reputation for great
performance, reliability, and long life. The legendary Model
M-1 “Pig”®—the most productive, most durable and most
versatile vacuum available—remains a classic after decades
on the market. It has the power to thoroughly and safely
clean areas up to 25 feet in the air. That means your staff
keeps their feet on the ground and off of ladders, a true
safety benefit.
The Pacer 30 is
commercial industry standard in widearea vacuums, period. The lightweight, ergonomic Pacer
12/15 UE models have set a new quality standard in singlemotor uprights.
For superior productivity when spot vacuuming, choose the
cordless Outlaw PB. With NiMH batteries and a patented
instant trigger, the Outlaw PB will run up to 2 hours on a
charge, and clean twice as fast as a corded backpack. Sound
incredible? It is. Thanks to its quiet operation, the Outlaw
PB is ideal for use in healthcare facilities, 24/7 operations,
and for cleaning occupied areas, day or night.
• Reliable mechanical clutch
disconnects brush if jammed
• Available in 12-inch/30-cm
and 15-inch/38-cm widths
• HEPA filter standard
Pacer 30
The wide-area standard
• 30-inch/76-cm work path
• Powerful dual 1-HP vacuum
motors for cleaning muscle
• Quiet—only 69 dBA
• Maneuverable for easy
• Simple adjustment for
different carpet pile heights
• HEPA filter assembly
Outlaw BV
Outlaw PB
Uniquely comfortable
Supercharge your
vacuum process
• Unrivaled spot vacuuming
productivity—up to
30,000 sq ft per hour
• 0.5 HP, 2-stage, 24V motor
• Quiet—only 65 dBA—for
use anytime
• Triangular body design maintains
suction as bag fills
• 2-stage, flow-through motor
• Comfortable and lightweight
just 10 lbs/4.5 kg
• Adjustable for right- or lefthanded users
• 400 cycle model available for use
in aircraft
• Ergonomic harness for
operator comfort
• 3-stage bagless filtration
system assures great IAQ
• 1-2 hours runtime per set of
NiMH batteries
• Lite Carpet and Dusting Kit
6790141 included with each
Outlaw back pack vacuum
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