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Wireless Equipment Monitoring
Monitor Your Equipment Online with Sentry
Sentry™ helps you to optimize productivity by allowing you to remotely monitor your battery powered cleaning equipment fleet.
By collecting and organizing machine information, Sentry lets you make smarter decisions about maintenance and avoid costly
penalties caused by equipment downtime. Review the information collected from your equipment using any internet connected
computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Productivity Management – Remotely track equipment usage and battery charging to improve operational performance.

Predictive Planned Maintenance – Cross referencing equipment runtime and component life expectations allows smarter
preventive maintenance.

One-touch service request – Operators or Technicians can instantly request remote repair service assistance.
How The Sentry Works

A small transmitter is installed into the machine.

When the machine is in an area with cell phone reception,
data is transmitted from the machine to a database.

View reports over the internet by logging into the
database website with your own personal login.

Information collected from your equipment can be
displayed, sorted and filtered.
Information Collected

Machine run time: Sentry will record the number of hours the equipment ran each day.

Battery charging time: Sentry will record each battery charging session longer than 5 minutes.

Impact detection: Sentry has a built-in accelerometer that records any shocks to the machine. If the machine hits something,
the time of the impact is recorded along with the maximum force encountered.

Battery Maintenance Reminder: The Sentry system includes a countdown timer that will sound an alarm when the machine
needs battery maintenance. After 100 hours of use or 90 days, whichever comes first, the system will sound an alarm. By
pressing the “Maintenance Performed” button on the keypad, the system records the time
and date of the maintenance and resets the countdown timer.

Battery Age Tracking: Press the “New Batteries Installed” button and the system
will record the time and date. Use this information to plan and budget for battery

Request for service: By pressing the “Maintenance Performed” and “Silence Alarm”
buttons at the same time, Sentry will send a message to the database indicating that
service is needed. For more immediate notification, Sentry can also send an email to
anyone you designate.
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