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The Ultimate Time Machine
Cut costs, Not corners–
With Sanitaire’s wide range of time-saving commercial cleaners.
Reduce Maintenance Time.
Time to Choose the Best.
Every minute of downtime hurts your bottom line. That’s why we build
all our cleaners with insightful design elements that keep them running
– not waiting for repair.
Choose from among our fully-featured line of uprights, canisters,
floor machines, carpet extractors, auto scrubbers, air movers,
sweepers and wet-dry vacuums. There is a Sanitaire cleaner to save
you time no matter what your cleaning challenge. Most of all, it’s a
Sanitaire. Isn’t it about time you owned one?
Work in the Day Time.
With the growing trend toward daytime cleaning, a quieter vacuum
is a must. At less than 70dBA, the Sanitaire QuietClean® line lets you
clean 24/7.
Save Costs Immediately.
SC535 (Sealed HEPA)
We know you are under pressure to reduce costs. That’s why we give
you options. From our dust cup models that eliminate the need to
purchase and manage bags to our LEED and CRI-certified QuietClean®
uprights and backpacks, Sanitaire helps you improve your bottom line.
Go Green. Keep Air Clean.
Most QuietClean® models include a washable, sealed HEPA filtration
system which captures 99.97% of allergens and pollen down to 0.3
microns. All our QuietClean® uprights are CRI certified and our two
QuietClean® Backpacks are CRI Gold and CRI Silver certified and
meet all LEED requirements.
Time to Maneuver.
For maneuvering in tight spaces and around obstacles, Sanitaire offers
powerful backpack and canister vacuums that are lightweight, portable
and comfortable. These come equipped with a wide assortment of
accessories and tools that make your cleaning job easier.
Sanitaire Sustainability
As part of the Electrolux family of products, Sanitaire is committed to sustainability. DJSI World includes the 10% best-in-class economic, environmental
and social performers among the world’s largest companies. Electrolux is the only company in the Household Durables category to qualify for DJSI World,
where it has been included every year since the index was launched in 1999.
CRI Seal of Approval
Industry approved,
exceptional results
U.S. Green Building Council
Certified and recognized
member, Sanitaire
Promise of

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