SDR Facility Solutions Coop Catalog - Page 537

Dust cup uprights
Dust Cup Uprights come with the Easy Release Dust Cup. Simply release the latches, pivot the upper bag back, and pull out the dust cup to empty.
Lightweight Dust Cup Upright
Durable Dust Cup Upright
Durable Commercial Design
Extended Motor Life, Dust Cup Upright
The 5-amp commercial motor, 30’ cord and 1.9 qt.
dust cup provide a powerful clean.
Re-engineered motor includes integrated bearings and an enclosed carbon brush system.
Motor life is more than double our previous
long-life version.
5 amps; 600 watts; 120 CFM
7 amps; 840 watts; 145 CFM
QuietClean® Detail Cleaner
Durable QuietClean® Canister
3.88 qt. bagged canister operates at less
than 68dBA for day or night time cleaning.
Wide Assortment of Accessories
Lightweight Detail Cleaner
For cleaning bare floors, carpets and detailing
commercial environments.
Allergen Filtration
Compact Portable Power
Helps improve indoor air quality.
At just 10 lbs, this 2.6 qt., bagged canister can go anywhere.
Lightweight, Durablity
Tools for Extension
This commercial canister is easy to maneuver
and built to last.
From the telescopic wand with deluxe floor and wall brush
to the crevice tool and dusting brush, a tool for every need.
32-Inch Wide Area Sweeper
@Hand Sweeper
4-Brush System and 32" Cleaning Path
Sweeps faster than a broom and picks up leaves,
metal shavings, small pebbles and other debris.
4-Brush Lightweight Manual Sweeper
Adapts to any carpet thickness and bare floors
of all types. Goes places a plug-in unit can’t.
Corrosive-Resistant Housing
Can withstand the rigors of outdoor work.
Collapsible Handle
Tilts flat to reach under furniture and makes
storage quick and easy.
Fold-down handle for Easy Storage.
5 Levels of Brush Height Adjustment
Removable Debris Tray
Makes emptying quick and easy.
Easily accommodate different surfaces and types of debris.
Steel and Plastic Housing
Designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use.
The removable 12 gallon debris compartment hopper lifts out for easy
Removable Hopper

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