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The powerful cleaning and durable
construction you’ve come to
expect from CleanMax has been
unleashed! Finally, real cleaning
power without all of the hassles of
a cord. Productivity soars when
there’s no longer the need to plug
and unplug cords. Stop the extra
work required to avoid running over
cords, wrapping them up when the
job is nished, replacing them when
they break and preventing people
from tripping over them during use.
CleanMax offers three cordless
solutions for power that’s free to
travel wherever the job leads. Plus,
between quick charge times and
extra battery packs, you’ll never be
waiting to nish the job.
The agship machines from
CleanMax, the Pro-Series vacuums
are built to stand up to the toughest
cleaning challenges day after
day. With metal components used
throughout the high-wear areas
and a Clean Air System designed
to protect the motor and the fan,
durability is the cornerstone of these
vacuums. Want even less downtime?
Then you want the Pro-Series Zero,
which features Hall™ Sensor belt
protection technology to ensure you’ll
never change a belt again.
All Pro-Series vacuums feature
HEPA media bags and lters to trap
virtually everything these powerful
vacuums suck up. In addition, all
Pro-Series vacuums have earned a
from the Carpet and
Rug Institute.
FAX ORDERS: 800-542-5603
SDR Facility Solutions

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